STEAM Powered Kids - Earth Science

by 4M
SKU: 14488

The ultimate educational activity kit for curious minds and science lovers go mining for precious gems and make volcanoes with this amazing kit. Excavate precious stones from the soft clay block with the mini hammer and dust away the earth with your tools to uncover precious stones which you can store in your pouch or add to the crystal collection card!

Also includes easy step-by-step instructions to make a volcano - assemble the 4-part mould, secure with a rubber band, then mix the plaster powder with water in a bowl till it’s a smooth consistency. Slowly pour the mixture into the mould and leave until the plaster has fully hardened and set. Once fully dried, gently remove the mould one piece at a time – decorate with paint and et voila your volcano is now ready to explode!

Also included are the tools necessary to grow your very own crystals over 7 days! Create a glow in the dark moon crystal, crystal snow tree and unique ruby crystal.

Ages: 8+

Kit Contains:

Volcano Mould

Plaster Powder

6 Paint Colours

Paint Brush

Mini Hammer

Soft Mining Brick

Magnifying Glass

Crystal Collection

Card Pouch

Crystal Moulds


Crystal Powder

Coloured Dye