Mini2Go Deluxe Plus - Red: 1-5 years

Type: Ride ons
SKU: 11520

Mini2Go Deluxe Plus - Red: 1-5 years is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

‘Show me a something that your 1 year old toddler can use right up until about the age of 5’ you say? This cleverly designed scooter allows you to push your toddler around as soon as they are old enough to sit and hold onto the handle bars, with a handy storage case tucked underneath the seat for all of the 'essentials'. Once they are old enough to scoot, the seat and case come away revealing a standalone scooter. Mind officially blown!


Your child really does deserve the best of both worlds where learning and play can be rolled into one. 

  • For ages 1-5 years 
  • Converts from ride-on to scooter 
  • New parents handlebar 
  • Adjustable handlebar height 
  • Removable storage drawer 
  • Stable and easy to ride
  • Non-marking wheels

The award-winning Mini2Go Deluxe is the next step from the Mini2Go ride-on for kids. It features the much-requested parents handle, as well as the redesigned deck and new handlebar height so it can be used for longer.


The funky and functional design combines original lean-to-steer action with a seat, height adjustable handlebar and removable drawer designed for carrying your toddler's favourite possessions.


Once they are ready to stand, remove the seat and the Mini2Go Deluxe converts to a stand-on scooter with adjustable handlebar.






 Age Range

1 - 5

Max Load (Seat/Scooter)




Wheel Size


Handlebar Height


Seat Height