Magic Rabbit - Simple Magic Tricks for Kids

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The 15 Trick Sets include traditional tricks and props like the Coin Paddle, Perplexing Beads, Puzzling Boomerangs, Crystal Coin Case, the Money Tube, and more. Ages 6+

 Set 1 includes

Perplexing Beads - coloured beads magically change position!

Coin Paddle - coins vanish and change!

Puzzle boomerangs - boomerangs magically change size!

Colour Vision - reveal a chose image in a sealed box!


Set 2 includes

Crystal coin case – a borrowed coin vanishes even though it's trapped,

Money Factory – let the factory make or change real money,

Coin Puzzle – your eyes will fool you with this illusion!

Money Tube – make a money note vanish instantly!


Set 3 includes

Card Monte – 2 cards shown, magically turn one into the other!

Money Transformer – change a coin to another or even make a coin vanish!

Snap It Puzzle – challenge your friends to solve this magic puzzle!

Wonder Water – gravity defying liquid magic!