Iconic Counting Puzzle

Type: Toys
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This amazing educational counting puzzles lets you take a trip around our big beautiful world discovering some of the most colourful, cuddly and delicious icons along the way. From the buttery croissants of a Parisian Boulangerie, to the classic red buses of London, and the famous streets of busy NYC, this set of illustrated puzzles will give your little one plenty to ponder and explore.


Make counting practice fun and create conversation with your kid about other places and cultures (and also their beloved Aussie treats and furry friends!). This wooden jigsaw set is designed to last longer than the cardboard alternatives, perfect for handing down to the next generation or sending overseas as a gift.


Ages 1+


Complete with 10 three-piece wooden jigsaw puzzles printed with colourful illustrations to count + numbers 1 to 10.