Silicone suction bowl & spoon - slate grey

Type: Dinnerware
SKU: 10301

Silicone suction bowl & spoon - slate grey is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Keeping the bowl still can make all the difference when meal times with a toddler become a moving feast … literally! Bella Zailea’s silicone bowl has a suction base to help keep it in place on smooth and flat surfaces. With a handy matching spoon, the bowl’s curved lip helps food to be levelled off easily on the spoon. To increase the suction to the surface of your table slightly dampen the base of the bowl & the surface you wish to attach it to with a damp cloth. Press from the inside of the bowl out to ensure the whole suction base is in contact with the table, without any air pockets. Bowl is dishwasher safe, spoon must be hand washed to preserve the life of the wooden handle.