Little Critters lunch notes

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What are Little Critters Lunch Notes? They're sweet little notes to pop in your little one's lunchbox to bring a smile to their face each day. We like to think of them as a little ray of sunshine and a reminder that mum and dad are thinking of them throughout the day. These notes are aimed at slightly younger kids- preppies or even pre-school kids who are either just learning to read or can't yet read. They include super simple messages and fun bright pictures including the cutest animal characters. Lunch notes are printed on coated card stock, meaning they can be re-used if your kids' lunchboxes don't get too mucky (better yet, place the note inside your child's insulated lunch bag, but outside the box!) Messages on the cards include: 1st day Have the best day! Cool kid Be Happy I Love You Big Hugs Yum You Rock! Good luck Little Critters Lunch Notes include 30 cards (15 designs, so two of each). Each card measures 88mm x 63mm (about the same size as a playing card), printed on laminated 340GSM environmentally friendly paper. Little Lunch Notes are cleverly created in the Sprout and Sparrow studio and made in Melbourne, Australia.