Mega 3 - Milky Way

Type: Mealtime
SKU: 11660

Mega 3 - Milky Way is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

With a sprinkling of starlight, Milky Way shines! Consisting of a cosmic white outer-box and contrasting black latch!


The NEW Mega3 Galaxy Munchbox will take you on a journey into outer space with its sleek White design and contrasting black latch! Featuring the all new, Mega3 interchangeable tray! It’s out of this world!


·       Dishwasher safe (top shelf)

·       Holds over 5 cups of food

·       Environmentally friendly, BPA & Phthalate-free

·       Child- friendly single latch

·       Sturdy removable Tritan tray

·       Leakproof sealed compartments

·       Portion controlled for balanced nutrition

·       Encourages healthy eating

·       Interchangeable trays



The Munchbox Mega3 comprises of the six compartment outer box and the all new three compartment interchangeable tray. The six compartment outer box is an original design that has been created to grow with your child to ensure their changing nutritional needs are always met.


This three compartment lunchbox is an original concept design that has been created to further complement the existing range of Mix and Match Munchboxes, with even more room for bigger meals with three large sections.


Munchbox Mega3 is ideally suited to children or adults who prefer bigger portions but can also be easily adapted with Munchcups to add even more flexibility and options – there is an endless number of configurations.


The innovative design of the Mega3 makes packing balanced and nutritious lunches easy, while Munchbox’s clever silicone seal system means food stays fresh, separate and contained within each compartment.


Holding over five cups of food and featuring a sturdy, compact and child friendly design Munchbox Mega3 is designed to suit a range of different food items for those who like their snacks bigger than bite sized.


The Mega3 design accommodates:


2 x 2 ¼ cup serving – ideal for sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi or pasta etc.

1 x 1 cup serving – suitable for any range of side dishes such as fruits, vegetables or your choice of nutritious snacks.


Size 22x16x6cm