Grace Denim Overall Dress - Soft Lilac

Type: Dresses
SKU: 11479

This amazing little denim dress in a lovely soft lilac is the perfect spring dress which can be worn with a short-sleeved on balmy days or with a long sleeve tee or knit and tights when it's fresh.

Details: - Pockets on the front and rear - Two buttons on either side

Size Guide:

Outside length including waistband : 6-12M: 24.5cm, 1Y: 25cm, 2Y: 26cm, 3Y: 26.5cm, 4Y: 27cm, 5Y: 27.5cm, 6Y: 28cm,

Bib Height : 6-12M: 12.5cm , 1Y: 13cm , 2Y: 13.5cm, 3Y: 14cm , 4Y: 14.5cm, 5Y: 15cm, 6Y: 15.5cm

Waist: 6-12M: 24cm , 1Y: 25cm , 2Y: 26cm, 3Y: 27cm , 4Y: 28cm, 5Y: 29cm, 6Y: 30cm