Inspirational Woman of the World Nesting Dolls

Type: Toys
SKU: 11339

This set of beautiful nesting dolls with 5 significant and inspirational women of the world would make a wonderful centrepiece for your little one's bedroom. The set includes Frida Kahlo, Lady Diana, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie and Aretha Franklin. The set comes with an easy to read colour coded book to accompany the dolls on why these women are heroic, memorable and inspirational.

Size: Largest = 14cm, smallest= 4cm

Please handle with care as the paint can be easily chipped. The babushka dolls may be a little hard to open at times given the temperature as wood is naturally reactive to different temperatures.

*Please note during warmer climates the dolls may temporarily swell and become tighter if you pop them up on each side this will open them rather than trying to twist them.